Online Jobs to Finance Your Retro Sweet Hampers Cravings

We have our little addictions. Call it a guilty pleasure that we can’t help but give in to. Some are into bags, clothing, accessories, foods, and many more. In my case, I am addicted to retro sweet hampers. It may sound a little weird or whatnot but I can’t help but indulge in these retro sweets. Every time I eat some, I am reminded of how simple things used to be back in the early 80s. Giving in to these tasty delights give me joy at the least.

There’s just one problem with my rather uncommon craving for retro sweet hampers though – money. There’s no local candy shop around our area that sells retro sweets so I have to order online and have it delivered to our doorsteps. As a student I don’t have an extra source of cash to support my cravings. Because of my undying love for retro sweets I thought of different ways to earn money while still studying in high school and luckily I was able to.

I searched the Internet for different online jobs so I can save for money to buy my constant supply of retro sweet hampers. It didn’t take me an entire day to search for the most suitable and easy job that anybody who has computer and Internet connection can do. In a matter of week I already saved enough to order my favourite sweets online and I didn’t even have to break a sweat doing these online jobs. Here are some of the online jobs that I’m in to. You can do it too to earn some extra cash while still maintaining to go about your daily routines.

The first online job that I did was answering online surveys. I’m doing this every night for five days for only two hours and I get to be paid twenty dollars a week. How sweet is that? Sometimes the payout varies if high profiled companies are the ones conducting the surveys. Occasionally I receive fifty to a hundred dollars a week just by answering online surveys, and I’m telling you, it’s more than enough to buy me lots of retro sweet hampers.

I also do freelance article writing. I can write about anything I want – any topic and interest and I get paid for it. I usually submit my articles to different article stores and prospective customers can buy the articles they want to post in the websites or whatnot. I receive seventy percent of the total payment. This kind online job gives me about thirty dollars in two weeks depending on the demands for articles and I use it too to buy retro sweet hampers.

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