Jobs in Finance – India

A steady career growth and countless opportunities are the two main reasons why young people prefer to apply for various jobs in finance in India. While various renowned global players are making headway in the finance sector in India, national banks are revamping themselves to give a tough competition to several international banks. Under these circumstances, the Indian job markets are witnessing a surge of jobs in the finance sector.

Anyone interested in building a career in finance can try for various options. Indeed, there is no dearth of courses for finance jobs. Some popular courses ensuring good jobs in finance in India are as follows:

§ Chartered Accountancy
§ Chartered Financial Analysis
§ Cost and Works Accountancy
§ Financial Planning
§ Insurance Management

Chartered Accountancy
The profession of chartered accountancy ensures good prospects and most importantly, an attractive salary package. Anyone interested in a CA job in India can opt for the course after senior secondary examination. A long training period is also available with the course. The entire CA program is divided into three segments, including Competency Professional Test (CPT), Professional Competency Examination (PCE) and Final Examination. On the successful completion of the course, a person is considered as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

Chartered Financial Analysis
Any finance executive can opt for the course of charted financial analysis in order to get a better position. The ICFAI conducts the charted financial analysis course. During the course, various important subjects like financial management, management accounting, investment management, portfolio management, security evaluation, venture capital, credit rating and many other subjects are covered. Lucrative jobs for chartered financial analysis are available in banking, insurance, financial and leasing sectors.

Cost and Works Accountancy
While pursuing a cost and works accountancy course, students are taught various concepts including stabilization of budget and standard, evaluation of operational efficiency and efficiency of service management, formulation of profile planning program and many others. Good career prospects in the field of cost and works accountancy inspire many students in India to opt for the course.

Financial Planning
The subjects covered in financial planning program include risk management, insurance planning, investment planning, securities market, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, financial statement analysis, fundamental analysis and many others. A certification in financial planning program will enable a finance professional to grab a better opportunity in banks, mutual funds, wealth management, insurance and other fields. Some renowned institutes also offer part-time financial planning courses for working professionals.

Insurance Management
With private players making inroads in the insurance sector, the job opportunities in the insurance sector are growing exponentially. All those professionals having fair knowledge of insurance are in great demand. Therefore, pursuing professional courses in insurance management is a good choice. Apart from regular courses in insurance management, several part-time courses are also available, making them a favorable option for working professionals.

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